How to find purpose in a job you dislike

Empowered connection to a higher source that provides profound motivation, happiness, and fulfilment in day-to-day activities. Does this sound like the type of life you want to live? A sense of purpose will fill you with an abundance of life energy, but how do you find purpose in a job you dislike..?

Don’t lose sight of your passions

Maintain interest in your passions outside of work, find the time to engage in activities where you feel a deep sense of pleasure, excitement or interest. Passions often start off as curiosities or a mild interest in a topic, acknowledge these, and make time to expand on them.

Invest money into these areas – purchase books on the topic, spend time researching, watch interviews, listen to audio books; give your curiosities a chance to grow.

Connecting to your passion will provide lasting fulfilment, it is the ultimate satisfaction, money is no longer a primary motivator in what you do and why you do it.

Make other people happy 

Make an effort to interact with others, be fully present when listening and communicating, life is full of little moment that make a big difference.

“The greatest gift you can give another is the purity of your attention” – Richard Moss

Start by being the first to say hello, offer a smile, or compliment someone’s appearance – little actions such as these make a huge difference in the quality of that person’s day. You will notice a renewed sense of energy and satisfaction when you see the difference this makes on the mood of others.

Allow your purpose to find you

One of the main roadblocks stopping people from finding purpose is allowing negative thoughts to cloud their ability to experience happiness in the present moment. The great Wayne Dyer once said, “Miracles come in moments, we must be ready and willing”. When negative thoughts are allowed to consume your thinking you are not receptive to finding purpose.

If the work you do is not filling you with excitement or motivation, that’s ok, realise that this is how it is for now and accept it. If you can’t accept your current situation, take action to change it. The most important thing is not letting negative thoughts affect the quality of your actions, give your fullest attention to whatever task is at hand and purpose will begin to find its way into your life.

We all have infinite access to higher energies – purpose is found in the little moments which fill the day-to-day. Controlling your thoughts will determine the quality of your life; you become what you think about all day long, so…think about being receptive to finding purpose – and it will find you!

Ask better questions

Chose to engage in purposeful thinking, this starts from asking better questions. Why do you want to feel purposeful? Why is a sense of purpose considered one of the highest attributes to lasting happiness?

When you are aware enough to question your purpose, you have already begun undertaking your own spiritual journey, connecting to a higher self and accessing a reservoir of infinite energy and intelligence.

Stay purposeful,


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